About Us

We are a privately owned American company that works much like an association. We were established in 2011by dedicated Murray Grey breeders, Justin and MaryAnn Holloway, in an effort to unify Murray Grey breeders across America, educate the public, help in the marketing and promoting of Murray Grey cattle, and encourage the production of cattle that are competitive across the cattle industry.

As a service to our members we keep a record of and provide registration papers for Murray Greys in the United States of America through a company called Associated Registries. They are a friendly, experienced company that provides registration services to over 21 associations. We accept animals into our database that are registered with any Murray Grey registry or association. This allows our members the freedom to buy animals from any Murray Grey breeder in America.

For a yearly fee of $110 plus $7.50 per female, we also provide EPDs (Expected Progeny Difference) for those breeders interested in receiving them for their cattle. Every animal in the herd should be reported and will be compared to over 9 million cattle for highly accurate numbers.

For those breeders who wish to register their cattle through another association, but still be a member of our registry, we offer programs and materials to help them promote and market their cattle. We are proactive, believing that it is the responsibility of all Murray Grey breeders to educate the public and to strengthen the breed. By working together we can grow the breed and the demand for the breed, thereby benefitting everybody.

NMGR’s Responsibility

We believe it is our responsibility to provide competent, accurate, timely service to our members. We will work hard to provide relative educational information, promotional materials, and marketing options for Murray Grey breeders in America. We are human and mistakes sometimes happen, but we will accept responsibility for our mistakes and correct them in a respectful, timely way. We expect breeders to also accept responsibility for their mistakes and correct them in a respectful, timely way.


Breeder’s Responsibility

We believe it is the responsibility of Murray Grey breeders in America to actively promote and market their cattle. We will provide tools for breeders to use, but it is up to the breeder to use them. We encourage breeders to become involved in steer competitions, youth programs, open shows, performance testing, beef expos, and all other avenues for educating the American public about Murray Greys.

We also believe that it is the responsibility of breeders of registered cattle to sell seedstock cattle that are of only the highest quality to ensure that only the best genetics continue to be passed on. Breeders should gather performance information in the form of birth weights, weaning weights, yearling weights, scrotal circumferences, and calving intervals and keep only the best animals for breeding. Breeders should also have a strict set of standards for other traits such as: udders, feet, disposition, maternal ability, calving ease, fertility, fleshability, and structure. Any animals that are inferior in any of these areas should be sold for butcher and not for breeding. That way the integrity of the breed continues to be passed on in the generations to come.