The National Murray Grey Registry provides many different programs in an effort to help our breeders promote and market their cattle as well as to acknowledge outstanding Murray Grey cattle and breeders across America. If you have any questions about these programs please contact the NMGR office at 208-228-6301 or

American Raised Murray Grey Beef 

NMGR members who raise butcher beef in the United States are encouraged to participate in this program. This is a simple, effective way to build recognition for both the member’s ranch and the Murray Grey’s excellent beef. Personalized labels and stickers to be put on meat packages can be created at an affordable price. Members who participate in this program will be noted on their breeders listing to help in marketing their farm and products.


  1. Must be a member of the National Murray Grey Registry.
  2. Butcher Beef must be at least 50% Murray Grey and exhibit Murray Grey characteristics
  3. Grass fed and Grain fed beef are both eligible and encouraged to participate

Youth Program 

The National Murray Grey Registry welcomes and encourages all young people, including 4-H and FFA members, to participate in our Youth Program. It is free to be a Youth Member and to participate in the registry as long as the youth either completes a project with a Murray Grey animal (such as a market steer, a breeding heifer, or a bottle calf) or if the youth has a family member who is an annual NMGR member. If Youth Members own their own cattle  they can sign up for their own Herd Code and annual Junior Membership for a fee of $10. Youth Members can register and transfer cattle at member rates, participate in all clinics, field days, and open shows, and receive all the mailings from the registry office, including the newsletter. They are also eligible to participate in youth specific activities, such as essay contests, junior shows, photo contests, project completion prizes, etc.  Membership is open to all children age 18 and under.


  1. Open to all children age 18 years old and under
  2.  Animals must be at least 50% Murray Grey
  3. Must be a Youth Member of the National Murray Grey Registry

           Outstanding Performance Sire/Dam               

The Outstanding Performance Sire/Dam program was started in an effort to identify superior bulls and cows in the breed based on their records of performance through THE (Total Herd Enrollment ). In identifying these superior animals, emphasis has been placed on breeding, longevity, and the above-average performance of the offspring.

While good cows can be identified after their first or second calves, the Outstanding Performance Dam requires a minimum of three calves from a cow to determine her regularity of calving and ability to produce superior calves for weaning weight year after year. A cow that has five or more superior calves is recognized as a Superior Performance Dam.

Bulls that have sired a minimum of five Outstanding or Superior Performance Dams are recognized as an Outstanding Performance Sire. Bulls that have sired a minimum of 10 Outstanding or Superior Performance Dams are recognizes as Superior Performance Sires.

It is noted that once an animal has been designated as an Outstanding Performance Sire/Dam they are always an Outstanding Sire/Dam even though they may not qualify with every calf born. Outstanding and Superior Performance animals will be noted on the pedigree database.



  1. To qualify for the Outstanding Performance title, animals must be purebred Murray Grey, in the NMGR database, and have progeny recorded through THE (Total Herd Enrollment)
  2. Females must produce their first calf by 28 months of age or younger
  3. Females must maintain a regular calving interval. The maximum calving interval is 365 days + 60 days after that last calving date. Consideration is given to cows that have been flushed for embryos. Females must rebreed within 60 days of being flushed. A copy of the embryo recovery certificate must be sent to the National Murray Grey Registry Office for flush date verification.
  4. Females must produce at least three calves with a weaning weight ratio of 105 or above. A minimum of ten herdmates (or contemporaries) must be evaluated together each year to determine the weaning weight ratio.  Additionally, her calves must be sired by registered Murray Grey bulls.